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Author Topic: One Mage Studio  (Read 2023 times)


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One Mage Studio
« on: Feb 08, 13, 11:03:59 AM »

I am Niclas Ahlin and i am the founder of One Mage Studio.

What i am doing right now is spreading the idea i have of a game i want to play.

Its project name is SnowFall and it is going to become a Social fantasy Scifi MMORPG.

It going to be set on a unknown world with no Humans, Elvs, Orcs and Dwarves.
All playable races will be new to the community.
More about the game is that you can level up not just a warrior or a mage you can also level up as
a blacksmith or a farmer etc.

So what we are doing is a game thats focusing on the social aspect of gaming. We want the players to interact with other players not just run around in the world by yourself to get to the max level and start raiding or do some pvp.

We want you to do what you want to do in a open world with lots of story and things to explore.

Right now we have a founding project to get the money we need to start building up all the ideas we have to a playable game.

Here is what i dont know for 100% if i am allowed to do here but if i understod the answere i got on the mail right this shold not be a problem.
If you are intressted in this game and want to follow the progress and maybe help us out check out the links belove.

Link to the Founding Project:

Link to your Homepage:

More about the project will be updated here when we got more content and not just walls of text :D

And one last thing. I am most grateful if you help us share the founding page to more in the community can find it and see it.

Thanks and hope we see lots of interest in the developmet progress of this game.
Dont be afraid to ask questions!