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Author Topic: Attempt to call non-proxy method _GETCONTROLLINGACCOUNT ...  (Read 756 times)


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This possible problem has been here for a long time, so i feel obligated to report it, because i run into it each time the core scripts get updated.

When i create a npc in a seamless environment (for example 2 seamlessly connected areas) i get an error  that my _ACCControllerOwnerClassMethods  _GETCONTROLLINGACCOUNT  is not proxy local. The problem is triggered by creation of the proxy npc.
I solve this problem by making _GETCONTROLLINGACCOUNT method  proxy local, i.e., replacing this line:
method _getControllingAccount() as NodeRef of Class _PlayerAccount
with this line
proxyLocal  method _getControllingAccount() as NodeRef of Class _PlayerAccount

Should it be delivered as a part of the core scripts?

And here is the output:
[exp4b] SCRIPT ERROR: Attempt to call non-proxy method _GETCONTROLLINGACCOUNT in _ACCControllerOwnerClassMethods on proxy node 9223372067050664345
02/27/2013 22:08:03 UTC
Call trace:
  Script _nonPlayerCharacterClassMethods line 328 me[9223372067050664345]
starting method/function _SO_ENTERED
starting me[id=9223372067050664345 class=MUD_nonPlayerCharacter]
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