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Author Topic: Repository Browser question - copying over SpeedTree files after compiling  (Read 1717 times)


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Greetings all,

Quick question.  I followed the wiki instructions and video for creating assets (trees) in SpeedTree, then compiling then adding to Repository Browser.

In the directions and video they stated you could simply copy (or drag) from folder on your PC to the appropriate folder in the Repository Browser.

It won't allow me to at all.  I think the Repository Browser (and add ins) installed properly.  I was able to create subdirectories, and copy files out.

The work around I found to get the asset into the Repository Browser was to use the Syncronize (Upload) function.

I guess that is fine - but drop and drag would be easier as more and more assets and supporting files are created and moved.

Did I do anything wrong?  Or is there a setting I missed on the browser?  Thanks for the help!!!


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We've been able to use the browser correctly on all operating systems, so it sounds like you might have a local installation, configuration, or permissions problem. Are you still experiencing this issue?