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Author Topic: Sandbox/Action Project - Scripters, Concept Artist and others.  (Read 1555 times)


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Title: EVO (Working Title)
Company: Darcstar Games
Status: Start-up phases
Theme: Another world with sandbox and action elements MMO
Platform: Windows
Compensation: Low pay and input to design
Positions: Scripters, Concept Artist and others.
How to Apply: E-mail recruitment@darcstar.net see below.

Darcstar Games is a very fresh company with the ambition of building a game that the community can help sway the development priorities of and also be entertained by.  Darcstar Games values its developers time and creativity, we reward their work by being open to adjustments, by valuing their thoughts and opinions, and by allowing them the freedom to input their ideas on the features and design of the game.  We view ourselves as an Indie company working internationally to bring together individual skills and passionate employees, providing an environment to share and expand knowledge of game development, and with many opportunities to work in different areas outside of their main skill set.

Our communication is mainly done over Skype and Google documents, however the Project Lead and the CEO are online a large amount of hours, so development processes are always being discussed and tasks are always being set.  We do expect communication throughout the project and an NDA is provided to be signed in order to get indepth details.  We don't mind if you work few or many hours of the week, however the more someone gets involved, the more input and sway they will have in development.  We currently have developer seats on the engine and try to supply any software licenses for your area of expertise.

Our team is varied in experience and expertise, and are passionate about producing a quality product, this is reflected in the progress we have made so far, virtually all aspects have a lot of design done and are continuously being built.  The team's main priority right now is moving forward towards a tech demo and to have systems planted in the design.  Our Development style is a bit different to many others out there, but essentially we want to build this from the ground up, slowly expanding the world allowing players in, and taking our time to have enough content before a final release date.  Every aspect is moving along, however we are primarily looking for scripters and concept artists at this point.

Scripters are to help work with the Spec System and Character Development processes, preparing the framework for data input, this includes Abilities, Quest System, Inventory etc, although other skills are still desirable and valued.  As time goes by our current programmers will start working on new systems which have some design too.  This is not to say you cannot have input to these systems or even design your own.

For the concept artist, we are building a new world and our current artists are preparing for the tech demo, having a concept artist to merge the style, the lore and the art will help us bring it all together a lot sooner.  We have a lot of design done for inspiration, but are also very open to suggestions and style.

If tasks are completed by any member of the team, you can always give your ideas and opinions on design features and direction of the game.

Essentially we are looking for ambitious and well-motivated individuals that are committed to the direction the team wants to follow.  This is ultimately the chance to work on a game where the rewards and experience are immense, as the products revenue increases, so will income. The development process is greatly moving along due to the time and commitment that has already been shown, even with a number of part-time employees.

Darkstar Games is looking for serious individuals who would like to join our team and expand the project with us as we work towards our Tech Demo and beyond. If you are interested, and feel you may fit well in no matter your role, please contact us on recruitment@darcstar.net.  Any other questions, please ask.
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