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Author Topic: HeroMaterial access  (Read 2141 times)


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HeroMaterial access
« on: Mar 25, 13, 08:35:18 AM »

I am wrapping up a max-script for the community that simplifies a number of tasks for 3DS MAX. I have been succesful in implementing all requests, except 1: Naming conventions.

My idea was as follows:
Upon checkbox checked for prefix, add the specified prefix from the textbox to the heromaterial name
Upon checkbox checked for setname (e.g if you are having a castle-set, you could name it "CastleSet"), again loaded from the textbox next to it
Same story for a suffix.

Now I am stuck with including the heromaterial.ms script to my own, in order to access the heromaterial name property and to change it from the selected object in the scene.. Could anyone assist?

Eventually, I wish to do the following: When a new HeroMaterial is created in the scene, and all checkboxes are checked and names are valid, the basic HeroMaterial name will be for example "PN_GMCastle_", so that only a unique name for the object has to be added. I could also possibly retrieve the bitmap name, but with different material-usages, that could get ugly...