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Author Topic: probable bug in seamless : state is SEAMLESS_MOVE_REQUESTED  (Read 787 times)


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I noticed that when i move my player whose speed is very fast between 3 seamlessly connected areas (like in the picture) i get this server side error and my seamlessness stops working correctly:
Code: [Select]
[hsl_error] 9223372066986665056,4: [exp4a] SCRIPT ERROR: In function MovePlayerSeamlessly: Player 9223372055799664323 state is SEAMLESS_MOVE_REQUESTED (area 9223372066986665056)
04/03/2013 20:35:11 UTC
Call trace:
  Script _TravelDataClassMethods line 623 me[id=9223372069413664312 class=_TravelData,E_Travel]
  Script _AccountClassMethods line 1516 me[9223372069413664338]
starting method/function _REQUESTSEAMLESSAREACHANGE
starting me[id=9223372069413664338 class=_Account,E_Account]

remote call from originating script _BaseClientClassMethods function _Client_Seamless_Transition node 1000000003 client 9223372055799664323