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Author Topic: Tutorials?  (Read 1477 times)


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« on: Apr 30, 13, 11:40:20 PM »

I've noticed that there aren't many video tutorials on specific things, is it ok if I make a tutorial series on my own website and allow people to give donations? My team is in late design phase, so if it could pay for a couple of assets that would be nice.

some of the early things I will be doing:

Security : If not covered by Hero
1.client checks on random timers and checking certain groups of data randomly.
2. making sure the client is not making me look at the wrong hand while the other is sending my checks cloned data to appear normal.
3. hacking a game with light security and teaching protection. Black Hat is soon!!!!

Gui : creating custom GUI

Guild system: General


casting a ranged spell (and making sure an object isn't in the way)

Quest system

Database initialization (can we use sql/mysql?)

I made a few of tutorials for Unity when I was a junior in college. I made around 1,000 just doing stuff I was going to do anyway. Hero has a lot less users than Unity and a lot more of the users in Hero are more experienced, but someone stuck on something may look up a tutorial.



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Re: Tutorials?
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 13, 10:32:56 PM »

I don't see where it would be a problem, logistics wise.

You might not get much traffic though, unless they were really good tutorials that dove into how to do things with Heroscript.

In regards to just covering general concepts, and how they work / plan out, most of us have a pretty decent idea of how things go in general.

We have the reference worlds which give generalized concepts and how to do things overally, but if you can take the complexity and really make a quality tutorial it could do well for you. If you just slapping some concepts around, we probably won't be interested, we have enough concepts to deal with as is. :) LOL