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Author Topic: Eurogamer Expo - September 26-29 2013 London - HE dev get together  (Read 1907 times)


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Hey guys. Many members of my team have expressed interest in attending this years Eurogamer Expo in London. I would love to extend the invitation to the rest of the HE development community.

Info can be found here - http://www.eurogamerexpo.com/

Tickets are cheap as hell - http://www.eurogamerexpo.com/tickets

My team is attending on the friday and saturday. If anyone would like to meet up with us for beer, feasting and much  heated discussion on the topics of choice, please respond here if interested. Travel from outside the EU could be expensive, but if booked far enough in advance may be cheaper.

This is an excellent way for all of our teams to make contacts within the gaming development community. They have an indie specific showcase and get together that would be awesome for any of our teams to mesh with. As the saying goes "Its not what you know, its who you know"

Meeting times and locations will be decided closer to the day.


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I'm quite interested in this gathering. It's very good doable for me and some of my teammates who live in the UK.

Will do all that is within my power to join you on the expo!! See you there :D