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Author Topic: Recruiting new people:  (Read 1966 times)


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Recruiting new people:
« on: May 08, 13, 10:32:57 AM »

I have been talking to my team about this, and we are going to try something in the independant developers that might be quite risky, but we are willing to take this risk:

What are we going to do:
As of now, we will teach beginning artists if they decide to join the team. Our modellers have agreed to it, and people with over 10 years in the industry will take the hands of the young grasshoppers (18+, mind you).

What does this imply for you, the grasshopper:
We will, by means of small projects (as part of main projects), teach you the ins and outs of becoming a 3D Artist, together with teaching you technical aspects together with it (optimizing your own workflow, making your own tools, making repetitive tasks easier).

What do we require from you:
Become a part of our team as a Junior. Spending at least 20 hours per week actively modelling. Asking questions to our artists on an almost daily basis.

Why do we do this:
We all had to start somewhere in this industry, and especially the beginning was quite hard for all of us. Now that we are quite good at what we do, it's time to teach the new generation of game developers how to handle themselves in the industry :)

To apply:
No need to reply to this topic; just send me a PM with what you want to learn, and using our project as a basis, we will teach you with all of our staff and knowledge available :)