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Author Topic: [3D Studio Max] Export-Aid for HeroEngine  (Read 1966 times)


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[3D Studio Max] Export-Aid for HeroEngine
« on: May 11, 13, 10:14:57 AM »

Instead of helping each individual for some hours to get their single-material asset into their world, I decided to write a tool to help you all at once with the exporting process. This tool will check for all material and some object related errors, but giving you the ability to solve them all at once.

The tool will list all geometry in your scene, and gives the following information about it:
  • Object Name
  • Faces
  • Polygons
  • HE Occluder (Checks if the object has the occluder property specific to HE)
  • Lastpose (The error that pops up the most here)
  • H-Material (Does the object has a valid Hero Material?)
  • H-Material Spaces (Does the Hero Material contain spaces?)
  • HE-Directory (HeroMaterial is in the HE directory?)
  • HE-Directory Spaces (HE directory contains spaces?)

  • Single Click on element: select and zoom in on the clicked object
  • Double Click on element: Select, zoom in, and open object properties of the selected object

Tool so far only works for objects to which a SINGLE material is applied. Lateron, this tool will also support multi-material objects, but I need to change the interface for it.

Bugs or Feature requests
Bugs are not welcome, though I am always hungry for feature requests to test my own limit with developing custom tools. Try me! :D

The file
Attachment is not showing, so here is the download from our website:
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Re: [3D Studio Max] Export-Aid for HeroEngine
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 13, 11:13:05 AM »

Thanks that is all.  :P