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Author Topic: Gate Keeper Studios  (Read 1878 times)


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Gate Keeper Studios
« on: May 20, 13, 07:58:56 PM »

Figured I would post a bit about my company and myself. We are a new company put together to build a MMO, after trying several engines for a few years, and testing various systems, we have came to Hero Engine to make our MMO. We are a small team that are focused on making the game we want to play. With over 50 years of gaming experience between us, we have played every MMO created. Time and time again we end up playing games that just miss the mark. We plan on making the game we wish everyone else would make, that way we have something to play when we get old and retire.

About myself, figure I should post something as I approach 200 posts. lol

I have been coding system applications for corporations for over 15 years, and decide to turn my programming skills to something worth my time. I spent a good amount of time building out a full MMO in Unity, but realized it really just didn't have the back-end to support to make a full MMO project come to life.