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Author Topic: [Resolved] Dedicated NPC AI Servers  (Read 1240 times)


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[Resolved] Dedicated NPC AI Servers
« on: Jun 06, 13, 09:02:48 PM »

I was wondering if it would be possible to have dedicated AI servers that ran robust NPC AI and connected to other area servers as normal clients?  That way the AI load could be removed from the area servers, while allowing the AI engine to be far more robust.  If the AI server were to get bogged down, it would affect the decision making ability/speed of the various NPCs, but would not impact players on the area server.  Just looking to see if this is a kooky idea or not.
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Re: Dedicated NPC AI Servers
« Reply #1 on: Jun 06, 13, 10:37:54 PM »

An area is simply a unit of server simulation. The concept of a system area allows you to put discrete simulation into a process without being tied to game assets or gameplay areas.


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Re: Dedicated NPC AI Servers
« Reply #2 on: Jun 07, 13, 02:55:39 AM »

yeah as cooper said look at the system areas.

Can build out really robust systems, that basically get their own area(s) to do work in that is separate from the "player" areas. Which make them idea for just what you are wanting. Offload work to another area that is focused on just performing a particular task. Just need to really think about how you plan to push data back and forth though, especially with AI cause it needs to process local area data, and push that to the system area to make the decision and send the info back. So won't get it totally out of your area, but could have it fire a data gather, send it to the system area then use that data on the system area to decide the npc AI move, and send back the "next move" info.