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Author Topic: Texturebank material loading - texture files not?  (Read 852 times)


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Texturebank material loading - texture files not?
« on: Jul 07, 13, 10:53:56 PM »

So I've run into a weird issue that I can't seem to figure out if it's just something stupid I'm overlooking, or if it's the game engine imps messing with me. I can't get certain texturebank files to load properly on our main player character with certain dynamic character parts that were previously functioning just fine a few days ago.

Originally I had exported out the base character parts with their material and maps, as well as three of the full alternate fire versions of the character. All of these worked in engine when I uploaded them and updated the .PAR and .DTB files. Before moving onto the next set of elemental alternates, I realized that I did not add the ~dt2_ prefix in Max to any of the materials. So I went back and renamed the materials and re-exported all the character parts, including the base and all fire variants. Since then, the base model still works properly, but the three fire versions no longer pull a texture file and I just get the rainbow shimmer on the character parts when I swap to them in the Character Manager. In the Scene Analysis, I can see the material being called, but no texture files are associated with the material.

While troubleshooting this today I exported out another new alternate version that was ready for implementation which was essentially just new diffuse/normal maps. I created the new material again adding the ~dt2_ prefix and those also function exactly as they should. Using the same mesh and re-creating the fire materials and .dtb files for the materials, I once again re-exported the fire character parts. Still no luck. I'm about out of ideas apart from attempting to rename the material, which would cause a disruption in our naming conventions (bah!). Any input on this would be greatly appreciated as I'm losing it trying to get these files to pull in engine haha.

Other possibly useful information:
-Character is located in \character\dynamic_2\homunculus\
-Material name is ~dt2_hom_fire1 in 3dsMax (one of the 3 which is not working)
-Textures located in \character\dynamic_2\texturebanks\hom_fire1\
-I've attached a txt version of the .dtb file as well for review
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Re: Texturebank material loading - texture files not?
« Reply #1 on: Jul 08, 13, 09:32:51 PM »

Looks like you forgot to define your color swatches ( http://tinyurl.com/kkk6zws ) which are used to select the colors for the tints. That is to be defined in the {Settings}. Here is a sample of one of my DTB files:

! Texture bank definition

     Palette1=repopmale_light1_legs 1,palette_leather.dds
     Palette2=repopmale_light1_legs 2,palette_leather.dds
     Palette3=repopmale_light1_legs 3,palette_leather.dds
     Palette4=repopmale_light1_legs Detail 1,palette_leather.dds


Hope that helps. Good Luck.

Edit: also don't forget your tint mask (_t.dds file), R G B and A channels for a Tint4.
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