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Author Topic: DownloadRepositoryData from a Subfolder  (Read 733 times)


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DownloadRepositoryData from a Subfolder
« on: Jul 26, 13, 09:42:55 AM »

I have trouble loading from the server repository when not using folder "/scriptdata".
external function DownloadRepositoryData()

The target document lies in "scriptdata/mydoc.txt" & "scriptdata/dialog/mydoc.txt".
Via the Repo Browser I created the subfolder scriptdata/dialog and the mydoc.txt inside.
So the document is existing and i can download it via the Tool, but the function above cant find the file.

Works as it always Points to /scriptdata
safepath ="mydoc.txt"
 myIDs as ID = DownloadRepositoryData(safepath, SYSTEM.EXEC.THISSCRIPT)

All dont Work. Trying to access a SubFolder
safepath as String="/ScriptData/Dialog/mydoc.txt"
safepath as String="/scriptdata/dialog/mydoc.txt"
safepath as String="scriptdata/dialog/mydoc.txt"
safepath as String="/dialog/mydoc.txt"
safepath as String="dialog/mydoc.txt"
 myIDs as ID = DownloadRepositoryData(safepath, SYSTEM.EXEC.THISSCRIPT)