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Author Topic: 3D Artist looking for programmer guru :P  (Read 3544 times)


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3D Artist looking for programmer guru :P
« on: Aug 01, 13, 08:46:21 AM »

Hi Guys,

I've been working on a social player housing themed game idea of mine for about a month or so now in hero engine during my spare time. I want to see if there is a programmer that would be interested in joining up with me to start getting the functionality in-game. I'm trying to keep this game as simple as possible, but still fun, so that it can be pumped out in a few months (art-wise at least.) Hopefully toward the end of production, I'd look into setting up a company and splitting up profits. :) Here is a quick pic of my WIP town which is a pretty good overall representation of the style.

I've done, and am still doing, all the art related aspects of the game like gui, animations, modeling, texturing, design/planning, and so on. The reason I need an awesome programmer is simply because I have no skill at any kind of scripting or programming.

Some of the functionality I'd like to see implemented:
Player housing
Questing system
Player crafting
Player venders and trading
Minimal combat system (just to kill pigs and such)
Micro transaction monetizing

This might be too much for one person to take on, but I figured that managing more than a 2 man team would become hectic.

Let me know through private message or in this thread if you'd be interested or if you want more info on the game. Thanks for reading!  ;D