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Author Topic: Resolved : Missing some .ini files  (Read 711 times)


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Resolved : Missing some .ini files
« on: Aug 07, 13, 10:22:32 PM »

Hi All,

I am completely new to programming and game building. I saw a friend of mine working with HeroEngine and decided to try my hand at it. With that said, I am having a problem with a few missing .ini files and am looking for some help.
I just recently noticed these errors in the console while loading the Blade.

ERROR: Not found (0xFACE000F) loading resource: /heroengine_splash.png
ERROR: Not found (0xFACE000F) loading resource: /heroenginekeybindings.ini
ERROR: Not found (0xFACE000F) loading resource: /gamekeybindings.ini

I have used the search function and found a topic that had the code for heroenginekeybindings.ini so i created a copy of it and dropped it into the repository browser in the HE directory.

However I am still getting this error.

I am almost positive the following error is related.

I can move the camera around fine, but when in "GAME" mode, I cant move anything.

Noob looking for some pointers.


Resolved, My child admitted that she was playing around while I was away from the keyboard...
Looked in the repository browser , clicked show deleted files. restored them.
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