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Author Topic: (temporary name) The End of the Worlds  (Read 2012 times)


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(temporary name) The End of the Worlds
« on: Aug 11, 13, 10:41:00 AM »


Let me show you the first screenshots of our game.
The work is started and we are working very hard to make something special :)

In the futur, I will show the games rules.
Feedbacks are always welcome :)

Note : In this pictures, one of the starting areas, at the morning.( Shadows was not enabled for these screenshots.)


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Re: (temporary name) The End of the Worlds
« Reply #1 on: Sep 03, 13, 11:50:44 AM »

Hi everyone,

I'm posting some new screenshots of the game.

The players can experience an epic adventure through a very elaborate story with a immersive background.
The gameplay is very dynamic, it is not enough to lock the target then use spells, the player must constantly keep the target in his sights.

The game is divided into three main parts:

- The quests, instances, the crafting, everything that makes up a traditional MMORPG.
- Exploring the world will be encouraged, players will explore vast areas without quests with challenges, puzzles, and danger.
- After fighting against filthy creatures, quests, ..., players can take a rest and enjoy the multitude of opportunities for relaxation and fun. Players will be able to meet for a drink in one of the casinos, they can go to the disco to listen to their friends mixing live ...

More details about the game in the next post.
(sorry, english is not my primary language)