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CWS Software
« on: Jan 28, 14, 03:33:01 AM »


We're CWS Software (Me and a couple others). Currently we're running a skeleton crew on THIS project of three senior programmers. We have others, but it's a bit early to bring in sound/world builders/artists etc. Our goal is to make an MVP prototype of our main game loop, starting with combat. Iterating on each sub-system until we have a polished main-game loop prototype example.

If we make it that far... Not sure. We'll try to clean it up ourselves and make it pretty, probably see what people think of it then. If not, well. We've tried on this engine and failed before, but we're smarter now. More experienced. The game industry ate me up and chewed me out (Though one of us is still in games, made of tougher stuff then I and managed to stick it up for quite a longer time then my tenure). Should be fun, if nothing else. Already gotten lost in wiki-link exploring 3-4 nights.
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