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Author Topic: Stateful Objects and Glomming  (Read 796 times)


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Stateful Objects and Glomming
« on: Sep 11, 13, 04:11:00 AM »

I currently have a Chest as a Stateful Object however it needs to be Glommed to a client side class to use OnAnimationNode() to pause the animation at certain notes.
With the Stateful Object Specification I have defined tokens for #glom however it appears that only the server side class is glommed to the object not the client class.
Also when glomming certain classes, I'v had issues with an error that the classes are not compatible to glom onto the object. Is there a certain parent class I need to inherit. I know about _statefulObject on the server however this doesn't exist on the client.
Does anyone have any guidelines/comments/advice regarding this?


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Re: Stateful Objects and Glomming
« Reply #1 on: Sep 11, 13, 09:39:55 AM »

well one thing to think about is you don't want to alter the object on the client side, beyond having the client being updated of it's change in state.

If you changed or stopped an animation or state independently for a client you could end up with dozens of "states" and since the idea is for an object to always be in the same state for all players, it's most likely the reason you can't change or glom a client class. But as part of a state you can tell it to run a script. But I think you are wanting to add functionality to the state spec system? Or just to an object. If i'm not mistaken you need to add the class to be glommed as part of the state spec system, so the spec system is aware of it, then you can glom on the class as needed per state object you configure.