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Author Topic: DinoCorps  (Read 5722 times)


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Re: DinoCorps
« Reply #15 on: Oct 23, 13, 09:04:18 PM »

Yes, we are 1 of 3 that I know about. Another one, is getting well funded by KS using a very costly engine to make into an MMO using Unreal 3. The 3rd is using Unity which also will cost to make an MMO with. While we have the MMO part already in place, the other projects need to create theirs.
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Re: DinoCorps
« Reply #16 on: Oct 24, 13, 10:42:16 AM »

Very cool.

I was 8Baller back in the CoH days. Good times. Still miss it all....and still hate NCSoft for shutting it down.

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