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Author Topic: Yugoslav front looking for capable visual artists  (Read 1940 times)


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Yugoslav front looking for capable visual artists
« on: Oct 09, 13, 02:26:23 PM »

Yugoslav front, an EVE online meets Diesel/Tesla punk, with more then one and a half year of development behind, is looking for someone who can improve the current look of the game.

A list of clean engine modifications include:
-custom controller
-custom combat system
-custom item system
-custom area layout
-custom market system
-well established art pipeline

Your job (which would be given via small tasks) will be of visual nature:
-particle effects
-terrain textures
-non-organic modelling and uvw unwrapping
-gui icons

In return, i am willing to give you knowledge, well, for now.

It is not a requirement, but it would be nice if you owned a world of your own for experimenting.
PM me if you're interested.
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