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Author Topic: [Resolved] Importing gr2 into 3ds Max  (Read 6895 times)


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[Resolved] Importing gr2 into 3ds Max
« on: Oct 15, 13, 12:09:49 AM »

Pardon if I've missed this, I did search, but so far I've only found;

"3ds Max7 .gr2 import/export (HUN)"

Which, I think is the Never Winter Nights 2 Utility Plugin for Max.

What I'm hoping to do / find is; a method for importing the old gr2 files & put that animation on my current character in Max, then export out an updated hgm animation file.

I'm guessing I might be able to do this with MotionBuilder (I've worked with MotionBuilder for ~ 3 years).
Glad to have any way of working with, or getting at the mo-cap / animation info, and putting it on a biped or CAT rig.

Or, are the original Max files of those animations available?  It would be great to have those animations as a biped/bvh library  :D .

I attempted to download some files/assets from HJ, but I was not able to (guessing they are not available for good reason :) ).

Thanks in advance for any help or tips on this
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Re: Importing gr2 into 3ds Max
« Reply #1 on: Oct 15, 13, 12:43:08 AM »

The license you have probably does not entitle you to use the .gr2 example files in your production game , that being said if you wanted to use them as a test learning the system , you would need a model with a skeletal hierarchy as the example character.

Gr2 (and HGM) formats are provided by rad tools , and they get very upset with people that try and reverse engineer , something you will probably like a lot later on in the process.

There are some good indie budget options for animation out there. Aside from the googling for free bvh/bip/mocap files , mixamo often have code give aways on their site , and they do nice game animations. My favorite way of animating is using IPI software and a old Microsoft Xbox Kinnect , its relativly easy to get setup for this although you really need a minimum of 4 meters squared to get good captures.   
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Re: Importing gr2 into 3ds Max
« Reply #2 on: Oct 15, 13, 10:20:53 AM »

It is not possible to take a gr2, particularly one containing animation, and convert it back into anything resembling a useful scene in Max or Maya.  Even if the capability existed, you would end up with an unorganized mess that would be extremely difficult to work with.