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Author Topic: SEGW is lf assistance.  (Read 1841 times)


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SEGW is lf assistance.
« on: Nov 14, 13, 11:51:42 PM »

  We are looking for the following.
   3-4 Programers.
   1-2 3d static artist
   1-2 Animation artist .
   1. Gui  artist
   1.  Terrain realism artist.

While we have 3 members of our team already and looking at another 2. We are in need of major assistance. In all area's . Below I will list a brief summary of our project.


    Shadow Empire : Legacy of an empire. Is a multiversal  steam punk / dark fantasy setting streaming from medieval appearance to underlying technology in which supports the world in which this  saga is based  in. This storyline is the story of 2 powerful factions battling for control over the multiverse and its balance. on each side is a host of followers , races and specialties  support there governing emperors in a never ending war for the eternal powers that can destroy or fix the multiverses all around.

   On point : This world is a heavily player controlled world controlling from towns , to trade. In doing so this game implements a full new varieties of social processes such as levels of guilds and legions to merchant orders. In doing so the story while a slow paced branches off into specific player chosen paths.


     A highly tiered and alterable  process customizable to the needs of the players.

     A large and immersed system that allows the player to fully control what they wish to be .

     Player controlled while system regulated. The player will set out not only to make the objects sold but deal with how there distributed.

   Missions and quest :
      A system has been devised that allows the player to throw out the old hack and slash so common in modern day games and become fully immersed in storyline which is fully customizable.

    Character creation system: This is to be fully player controlled while system regulated to keep the player in character.

     Key note : This is not a run of the mill Hack and slash mmo that is planed out rather it is a fully expansive mmorpg . There is no back chop and bash aspect to it . All applicants whom apply  must understand this.

    Financial : This is planed to be a pay to customize and convenience system. In which brings it under f2p but in a different light.

      A little bit about SEGW :
                       Shadow Empire gameworks. Has been working on the outline of this mmorpg for around 4-5 years now. This first came to light that there was a need for a pure role play system in the modern day game market that has yet to at this point in time be achieved. After testing our unique system with thousands of people in a paper and pencil and  text combat formats. We believe we have come up with the most balanced series of processes that is needed to make a mmorpg thrive and not bomb like so many has. We have everything from thousands of hrs of pure storyline worked out.  all we need is u to help bring it to life.

               payment options, will be discussed in private, further clearer information / features will be discussed further conversation of application

  If interested message me.