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Author Topic: Incognito Game Crew  (Read 1195 times)


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Incognito Game Crew
« on: Nov 16, 13, 11:46:16 AM »

Hey all,

At the present, our company is reforming, and thus no company name to offer you.

But after working on the foundations of our game since January of 2013... I decided it was about time
for some sort of introduction.

I was a hardcore gamer for a long time, but then I began taking more and more interest in how the games were
made/designed.  I've modded alot of the popular games to the point of boredom...  Then I spotted HeroEngine, and I have to give alot of thanks to the HeroEngine team for making this opportunity available to developers.  Without the Cloud and the services included with it.. This team would never have formed.

I'm a self taught programmer...  I began with Turbo Pascal and FoxPro which tells a bit about my age.  Worked my way through learning C and today I've used a pretty good sized group of scripting languages, adding HSL to that list.  I've also done alot of database design/creation and I really am impressed with the DoM/GoM system of HE.

I've had an Idea for a game for years but that sort of thing was always out of my reach..

In January I spotted HeroEngine and it didn't take me long to think about it before I purchased our world.

I know quite a few people around the globe that, like me, enjoyed scripting/coding/designing games more than playing them.

So I began to contact folks, and get the ball rolling. 

We currently have folks in the States, and The UK working on the project.

I've worked on the project since January and really just never took the time to post much.

The rest of the team can share their introductions, but I wanted to give an official "hats off" to HeroEngine and say Hi.