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Author Topic: Recruiting Programmer/Scripter! Seamless PvP MMO  (Read 2876 times)


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Recruiting Programmer/Scripter! Seamless PvP MMO
« on: Jan 27, 14, 04:18:31 AM »

Hello everyone my name is Rikard and i have just started working in hero engine and i see the potential of the engine especially as a designer/world builder like my self. Im 21 years old from Sweden and in college i studied Interactive media and 3D design. I mostly worked in 3Ds Max when i was studying but im getting into maya and will be designing most things in the game.
I also have a friend who dosnt have any experience but is eager to learn and is watching/reading all the tutorials atm to help design with me. but what we do need is a programmer/scripter to start working on the combat system. because that is something that we are going to focus on 100% in our game and the kind of combat we are going to atleast try to make is something like the combat that was in Darkfall Online if anyone played that?
Its a twitch based combat system with 1st person spell casting/archery and 3rd person melee.
like i said before im a designer and will build the world and models and all that but i would love to have a lead programmer/scripter to be with us on the way to making a complete game. i want to spend time on the models and still know that someone is working hard with making systems the way we want them to be.

Our goals!

1. Combat system like darkfall online (watch a youtube video if you havent played the game seach for "darkfall pvp itwas luck"and you will get a basic idea.

2. Large seamless world with atleast 4 races (for now 4 races) alot of detail and enviroments.

3. a skill system like skyrim, were you swing your sword on a monster and you get skill for using it. and the higer skill you get the longer it will take to level it.. for example at 1 skill with sword maybe 5 swings level it up to 2 and at for example 50 skill it takes 100 swings to level it to 51.. and then we want it to work like that with combat skills and crafting and passive skills like spring/run, jump.. So we wont have classes only races that will all have the same skills.. we will also have a stats system so if you swing a sword you will gain strenght for example.

4. Housing, we are not sure how we want housing to work atm but might be set locations in the world where people can build the house or maybe even having a system like rust where you make parts of a house and them place them anywhere in the world (aslong as its somewhat flat ground)

5. boats but that might be something we work on last because we want combat system, levling system and the housing to be in at "launch"

That are some of the goals and we just got started but we will be working atleast 4hours everyday and prolly 10+ on weekends since this is for now just a hobby for now but we do have plans and work hard to learn this engine. but since we are taking this seriously we would like to have a programmer with us to start working on the systems we need while i sit and work on models for the game..

This is the first post and will upload some pictures and keep recruiting until we are happy with our team and feel like we can reach the goal i talked some about. If you feel like you would be able to learn the things needed/work on this project then leave a reply if you want to know more or just PM with some info about you and we might talk further. I know that there is alot of things you will have to try/learn and test things but aslong as you think you can finalize the goal we have and maybe even teach the programmers under you what you want them to do just PM because we really want you on our team.

PS: For now this is only a hobby project so you wont get paid but if you work hard and stay with the project ofc you would be paid for the work if the game makes it that far! (i wrote all this at work so might not be the best post but just PM and i can give you more info)

Kind Regards
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Re: Recruiting Programmer/Scripter! Seamless PvP MMO
« Reply #1 on: Jun 13, 14, 06:13:31 PM »

We are a contract game studio with experience working on HeroEngine.  If you are at the point where you need to contract some help, let me know.

Id love to talk with you about your project and how we might be able to help.
Robert Madsen, Studio Director
Contract Developers for Hero Engine