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Author Topic: Looking for a Programmer for project (Closed)  (Read 1365 times)


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Looking for a Programmer for project (Closed)
« on: Feb 09, 14, 09:34:00 AM »

Thanks for checking :)

I thought it wouldn't hurt to try, but I'm looking for a programmer to get some functions running for my game in the alpha state. It's a Harvest Moon inspired farming game. The essentials that I would like coded are:

1. Creating private instancing areas, and then public areas
2. Being able to water, plow and grow a thing.
3. Set up inventory, and GUI (not all the GUI will be functioning)

Keep in mind I'm not requesting to program in the entire game, just a game slice. It's paying work with no immediate deadlines if you are juggling other projects and work. And I have someone who will catch you up to speed with the best ways to implement those things if you need assistance. We have models, we have character animations all we need is functionality.  If you are interested and want more info shoot me an email at:

Here is the project website if you want to check it. Thanks a bunch  :-[
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