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Author Topic: Looking for 3D artist for character & NPC modeling  (Read 1387 times)


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Looking for 3D artist for character & NPC modeling
« on: Feb 21, 14, 09:03:08 AM »


As we don't have experience about and /or as 3D modeling artist, We are looking for a co-worker that can help us with this.

Our main goal for this artist is that he/she can make models that looks realistic.

Basics about working with us.

1.Develper will not have any time pressure at all so you currently work whenever you wish to do it.
2.As a part of our develpoer team you will recive a emailed contract and instructs.
3.You get a share of every future income of the whole project (if any)
4. Payment after agrement.

You're job.

You're job will be to make NPC & characters out of pictures that we send to you, and make them as realistic as possible.

Repply below with info and what you want from us to make an agreement.
You can also send us an private mail throught the forum board.