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Author Topic: Chatni Aeon Introduction  (Read 1219 times)


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Chatni Aeon Introduction
« on: Mar 27, 14, 05:04:08 PM »

Greetings all.

I usually go by my internet nickname Chatni Aeon, but my real name is Jan (or John in english).
I live in Czech Republic. So please forgive any mistakes in writing I could make  ;)

I am experienced programmer in Delphi 7, and I usually work on web with PHP/JavaScript/MySQL. Only recently started delving into depths of AJAX...
Also made small-scale project in OpenSim (only local network grid), working on scripting and building in integrated tools. It was only for testing some ideas, I had at that time.

Currently I am working on some webgames, all in internal testing phases, and closely tied into my Multiversum Online project.

But my lifetime dream was (and still is) making succesfull MMORPG, for what I think is HeroEngine ideal.

Currently I don't have development team together, but I have few friends, with whom I worked on Pen And Paper version of Multiversum Online. We have background lore pretty fleshed out, also game mechanics are very well thought out. Now I intend to focus on transforming them into real MMO and want to bring few trusted people in here.

As I am not very good in 3D art creation, I plan to bring one of my friends, who is, to help with this part of project.
In adition, I plan to use some placeholder freebie art avaiable on Internet, at least during development, and untill I manage to get some own decent art.

Grats, Jan Vanhara
"Any technology advanced enough, is indistinguishable from magic." (A.C.Clarke)

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