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Author Topic: Get Back Gaming!  (Read 2012 times)


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Get Back Gaming!
« on: Apr 04, 14, 07:30:29 PM »

Hello fellow developers, I've been reading and following the HE for quite some time now, learning about it first when Star Wars: The Old Republic was announced.

I'm currently a solo developer working out of my home with a few friends that may join me later on. I'm starting a project that is going to be dedicated to my son, the systems I have in my head if work in game will I believe revolutionize the MMO genre. I hope to have a full working demo within the first year of subscription, with a very small playable area in order to attract some new team members.

Having only little experience in all aspects of game design I'm sure I will be asking quite a few questions and I know there are plenty of developers here with experience to help me out. Look forward to using this Engine with all of you.