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Author Topic: Weird problem with model's texture directory  (Read 715 times)


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Weird problem with model's texture directory
« on: Apr 09, 14, 07:36:33 PM »

Hi, i am having a problem with my models looking in the wrong directory for their textures. Or rather it is the correct directory, But it is prefixed with an N: (the drive I am uploading my models and textures from to the repository) followed buy the correct directory in the repository browser that it should be looking in to find the texture, which actually does exist inside of the repository browser. Here is a picture that I hope will make it easier to understand:

However when I look in the repository application, there is no n: subfolder so I figure the problem is either when I import the model the file path doesn't correctly change to the one in the repository, or I am doing something wrong although I am 99% sure i followed the instructions to the point, although I'm sure that's what they all say right before they get proven wrong so I am open to any and all suggestion. Thanks for your time!


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Re: Weird problem with model's texture directory
« Reply #1 on: Apr 09, 14, 09:07:55 PM »

The directory is whatever you have out in as your working directory in max or maya plus subpath. It looks like you've specified a specific directory including hard drive letter in your modeling program.


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Re: Weird problem with model's texture directory
« Reply #2 on: Apr 10, 14, 01:09:49 PM »

What Cooper said :P

To fix this, on your local drive you need to add a folder called "HE".
Change this:


To this:


Then re-export your assets.  Heroengine looks for the "HE" folder in a pathname and then only looks at what comes after it.