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Author Topic: Cannot load FPS Reference World after character selection.  (Read 438 times)


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Call trace:
  Script FPS_GUIClassMethods line 128 me[id=1000000007 class=_GUI,FPS_GUI]
  Script FPS_NonPlayerCharacterClassMethods line 17 me[4611686019758387976]
starting method/function _ONREPLICATIONGROUPADDED
starting me[id=4611686019758387976 class=FPS_NonPlayerCharacter,HBNode,CharacterNode,_ACCControllerOwner]
!ERROR!System:PhysX:  not finished loading yet!  Returning a fake collision at the character position to prevent falling
!ERROR!HeroScript::HeroMachine::ScriptError:Node 0 not found to call method GETMYCHARACTER
!ERROR!System:SCRIPT ERROR: Node 0 not found to call method GETMYCHARACTER
04/24/2014 20:38:17