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Author Topic: fimbulwinter needs a team  (Read 1922 times)


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fimbulwinter needs a team
« on: May 01, 14, 01:39:27 PM »

Hi my name is Jon Fox I last posted this as a ptp concept now it's all changed and I need a full team to make this game happen everyone who participates in production will receive 2% of the game as payment this means no matter how much the game brings in you will receive 2% no matter how much or how little.
So what I require
5 modellers to produce and materialise the models to fill the world
2 animators to create the rhythmic motions of the games creatures and inhabitants
3 coders to make the game function
2 artists to provide visual augmentation to inspire the builders of the world
4 level designers this is a huge world we need someone to build it
And 8 jack of all trades people who are capable of all jobs and can help anywhere they are needed

We will use raid call to communicate as I will set up sections for each team and a section for you to chat one to one with me :)
I hope to hear from you soon


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Re: fimbulwinter needs a team
« Reply #1 on: Jun 13, 14, 06:05:46 PM »

We are a contract game studio with experience working on HeroEngine.  I realize that you are looking for volunteers, but if you get to the point where you need to hire some help, let me know.

Id love to talk with you about your project and how we might be able to help.
Robert Madsen, Studio Director
Contract Developers for Hero Engine