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Author Topic: Anyone Looking for a Project  (Read 2617 times)


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Anyone Looking for a Project
« on: Feb 26, 14, 07:23:16 AM »

Hello Hero'ers I am new to the Hero engine however I'm not new to game development.  I wanted to try an MMO and I read Hero was the best engine for that.  Here's my story.  I started working on Era of Time as a hobby about a year ago and now it has transformed into my life long passion.  I have written a very detailed GDD which has all the content for the fist couple of hours in game and I am adding to it everyday and will continue to do so until the entire game from start to finish is on paper.  What makes Era of time unique is it takes gameplay for different genres of games and combines them to offer a gameplay style to almost everyone.  My favorite part of Era of Time is Dinosaurs.  There just aren't enough good dinosaur games anymore and i cannot think of any MMO's that are based on dinosaurs.  I am working on Era of Time by myself at the moment which is fine i have learned basic C# and javascript so Hero script shouldn't be to difficult I hope, I can do my own modeling and texturing and i am teaching myself how to animate.  I may not be the best artist but i make due.  I have a friend who makes music an sounds and would help me in the music section if I asked.  I do not require help with Era of Time as I can make it all by myself to get it to alpha testing stages, however doing everything by myself takes time and I would love to work with someone else or work with a team to speed up the development time.  So if your looking for a project to work on or this is something that interests you send me a message I would love to put your name in the credits.

I am building Era of Time one step at a time and have broken development down into phases.

Phase 1:
Design world and build a dinosaur simulator that does not include a player character.  Add local tribe NPC's and villages.  Build the AI to interact without a player in game meaning the dino's attack each other and the tribesman, tribesman attack each other and kill dinos for food.  Add day night cycle and have tribesman and dinos behave differently between night and day.  Make the world a living place.

Phase 2:
Add a player into the world and add a reaction in the AI for the player being there.  Add player controls, HUD, ability bar and health and energy system.  Make the living world interact with the player.

Phase 3:
Build inventory, character creation, loot, Player professions systems.  Build the main city Hub. Add NPC's to that city and have them interact with the world.

There are a couple more phases but i'll stop there.  Also here is a description of Era of Time and the plot straight from the website www.eraoftimethegame.com

Era Of Time takes place in the near future. Nuclear war rages on planet earth and soon survivability seems hopeless. In order to survive, humans take to space to find a new planet to call home. After years of searching, the starship explorer enters a solar system much like the milky way (in fact it is the milky way only younger.) It seems the farther you travel into the galaxy, the further in time you travel into the past. The time in which we traveled is the era of dinosaurs. Explorer sends out a signal and many starships arrive soon after. Smaller carrier ships are lunched carrying what is left of the human race. The first shuttle makes its way to a small cluster of islands off of the main continent. The first city emerges called Explorers Triumph. Soon after landing they realize they are no longer in their previous Era Of Time.

EOT is a 3rd Person MMORPG with the player in mind.  Features include:

Player Housing in the form of apartments.

Unique PVP system (There is still PVE if PVP is not your style)

Huge world to explore

Dinosaurs, in fact the game is built around them!

Unique Guild system

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you.  You can message me here or skype ninjamedic0
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Re: Anyone Looking for a Project
« Reply #1 on: Mar 11, 14, 04:47:24 AM »

Update: As of now i have 1/3 the main continent complete and a good understanding of the engine tools.  I have been helping another team out to gain experience in the engine and hope they will return the favor as their game nears completion.  My wife is building environmental models such as buildings and town assets and i have gotten real good at low poly models in speed tree.

I have been told it is very difficult to recruit for a team without putting the $$ in peoples eyes.  So here is my plan for the $$ of the game.  All funding earned before release will be used to buy/upgrade equipment and software for the team.  I have a business partner who is putting together an LLC so there will be an official company for funding and release.  With that being said all profits earned will be split up between the team based off contribution and time.  The split of the profits will be agreed upon prior to final release.  You maintain all rights to your work until said time an agreement is made to transfer rights to the company.  You will be required to sign a NDA stating you will not release any information of the game that is not yet public.  The NDA also states you are a volunteer until such time an agreement is made for a paid position.  Once the game is released and all the contracts are signed we can talk about hiring you for a full time paid position.

Team members needed
- 3 modelers for dinosaurs, NPC's and such
- 2 programmers Hero Script proficient
- 1 world designer
- 2 texture artists
(I am currently filling all 4 of the positions above)
- 2 cinematic designer for cut scenes and trailers
- 1 website administrator and social media manager
- 2 concept artists

If we do this right there is money to be made but its going to take work i know we all have real lives and jobs so i have broken everything down into phases with realistic deadlines.

message me here or on Skype @ ninjamedic0
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Re: Anyone Looking for a Project
« Reply #2 on: Jun 13, 14, 06:07:27 PM »

We are a contract game studio with experience working on HeroEngine.  I realize that you are looking for volunteers, but if you get to the point where you need to hire some help, let me know.

Id love to talk with you about your project and how we might be able to help.
Robert Madsen, Studio Director
Contract Developers for Hero Engine