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  I have been monitoring the forums for quite some time now and it occurred to me while we have been studying, neither I nor any of the rest of the team has introduced themselves to the community. I am not the type of person who wants their first post to be an issue! So here we go:

  Hello to the community! I'm Eric.. co-owner of Big Dog Game Studios which is based out of Port Angeles Wa. I am 1 of currently 8 team members, though we are sorting through a few more and hope to gain more talent soon... and all of our team so far is located here in the same area. I am both a programmer and graphics designer, I love having a migraine that large :)

I am not going to change the tone of the post by introducing our current project here. World building begins this week and we will be updating our facebook fans as well as those that follow our websites. I just wanted to clear the air since I know there will be many more questions later, and I hope I will be able to give back to the community as much or more as I take from it :)

well, just my 2 cents, with a big:


Welcome to the show. I hope we can get some more introductions going on in here as we ramp things up. Maybe we'll think about a showcase / who you are section of the forum going.

Hello, I would like to introduce myself.

I am the CEO of Storm Enterprises. Like many people who have applied, we anxiously and patiently wait for access to our hero engine world to be opened up. We have been looking at the documentation as well as testing out the engines capabilities using the sandbox. We are still restricted on what we are able to achieve due to the fact that we cannot save our work, nor can we create new scripts and regions. We are very impressed with what we have seen based on what we have been doing in the sandbox. We look forward to a long term business relationship with the Hero Engine team. Our team is very confident that we will be able to make an impressive game based on the engine and documentation that we have seen since we have used many engines in the open source community that are much much worse that this incredible engine that the Hero Engine team is offering. Good Job guys, Keep Up the Good Work. We give a very large Kudos to you.

With Respect,

Storm Enterprises

Hi DragonRift,

just wanted to tell you I've send you a pm so in case it'll not arrive you'll know. If you'd like reply to it ;)

And as Iam already writing here I'll say hello too. Iam the founder of a small hobbyist team located in germany mostly and we've licensed the HeroEngine last year. Unfortunately we've not had much luck about our teammembers and our base team is just around 10 people now. We unfortunately lost some teammembers because of their reallife issues and now we still have to learn the basics, but we're willed to learn. So if there's any teams interested in teaching us and help us getting started we will also help that team as good we can, too. While we're not able to offer much yet, we might still be of help a bit, area design, ideas/opinions, testing or even coding once teached for example (we've got 1-3 guys who'll be able to understand this but need help to get started). We're no company yet and will not be in the next years, so nothing more to tell about. ;) Our teammembers just do this in the free time they have as most also have their jobs, often not even in gaming/computer industries.  People having a passion for games as science-fiction fans are very welcome in our team, too. So if you're willed to learn and work together don't mind to send me a pm if you don't have a team yet. We're also interested in collaboration with other teams if there's any interested.



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