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Author Topic: autosetarea  (Read 1717 times)


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« on: Jul 17, 14, 05:40:57 PM »

Just a note that I have found that the 'autosetarea' property of the GUIScrollablePanel class apparently does not take into account the effective scale of its items.  I noticed this with a panel whose effective scale is less than 1 and so it allowed the scrolling to go past the size of its items.

I turned off autosetarea, and now manually set the area to be the total size of the items multiplied by the effective scale of the panel (since each item is at absolute scale of 1*) and that works.  However, the size of the thumb is still being autoset and also does not take into account the effective scale, so it ends up larger than it should be.

Hopefully, in the future the effective scale will be used in the source code for auto setting the area and thumb size.

*If the items were not all scale of 1, we would need to add up the effective size of each individual item to get the proper area.
Scott Zarnke
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