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Author Topic: Wands and Wizards <Still in Concept>  (Read 1873 times)


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Wands and Wizards <Still in Concept>
« on: Aug 27, 14, 07:09:07 PM »

Good afternoon,

I just started with HeroEngine and I just wanted to outline a little of what I am planning to develop. I have a lot of the systems and such conceptually mapped out, so I'm looking forward to bringing them to life! I'm pretty green when it comes to programming, but I've done a little bit in several languages so I'm hoping I can catch on quick. Obviously any feedback you can have or input would be greatly appreciated. I am basically developing this with a cousin with no plans to really release it in the forseeable future. I just want to give it a go and see what we can do. He's the artist and I'm the conceptual/programming guy.

Anyway, the quick breakdown of the game:

The premise is a sandbox game inspired by the Harry Potter series, where combat is mainly with magic. You start out in training until you reach a certain threshold of skills through quests. After the training, the quests are sparse and in more of a "theme park" (ala SWG) where there are large quest chains with great rewards, but less of the "kill 10 wolves" quests. There's no classes or specializations, but rather whatever activities you take part in will improve your skills.

Players have unlimited ability to improve their magical skills, they can create new spells, brew powerful potions, and hunt down monsters. I am planning on a skill-based system similar to what Ultima Online had, but with unlimited potential for skill increases, which will increase in difficulty. I want a system where there are a huge number of skills and over time players can amass powerful arsenals of spells. Over time players will be able to master almost every skill, but there's no level "cap." You can create spell books to improve your maximums in certain skills by hunting down rare materials.

As far as game systems go, I want to implement a largely player-driven economy where monsters drop mostly crafting components and not gear, and that gear will decay over time. Nothing (except maybe your wand!) will last forever. I'd also like a targeting system similar to Wildstar's telegraphs where you just sort of aim your spells and they hit whatever they hit in the path. I'm hoping for a simple combat system that's driven by player skill and movement rather than a focus on gear.

I'm not entirely sure how PvP or factions will work, but I am assuming there will be some kind of good vs. evil karma structure where your actions can land you in trouble with the "law." Like attacking a player in town would mean you get sent to jail or something.

One of the main things I want to accomplish is a true sandbox world where things are "realistic." Like you have to eat and drink (though magic can help you there!) every so often and you even have to sleep (i.e. log out) every once in a while.

This is probably way too big of a project for a first game, but I'm planning to take it on bit by bit. Any direction on which sort of systems to work on first would be great!

Thanks for reading.