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Author Topic: [Resolved] Simple Travel from Area to Area  (Read 2533 times)


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[Resolved] Simple Travel from Area to Area
« on: Aug 17, 10, 01:34:40 PM »

Hello, Ive been building my worlds seamless links are working nicely, but I'm trying to implement a gate system that allows a pair of gates to conduct one way travel between an area. Can't find anything in in wiki except that it will probably utilize $travel. and reference world is always crashing on me. is there another command i can you like /heseamlesslink?

Code: [Select]
/heseamlesslink LIBRARY #spec='1' ?GUIDS='$GUIDS' ?link='2' ?trigger='3'
Basically i need gate asset one and trigger in area 1 when passing through it to load you into Area 2 near its sister gate in area 2.  i will you the loading screen later incorporated with a cinematic.

How can i simply trigger traveling from one area to another via an asset/trigger.. can i do something like seamless and add a command to a grabbed asset and trigger? 

its very similar to the idea i briefly saw when i could connect to hero ref world that you can pick a destination at the gate and it loads the location you discovered, except i just would like it initiate the loading of area as you enter gate.

Seamless works great but im trying to make planets seamless and travel between planets load with cinematic down the line.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Simple Travel from Area to Area
« Reply #1 on: Oct 12, 10, 08:08:36 AM »

How can i simply trigger traveling from one area to another via an asset/trigger.. can i do something like seamless and add a command to a grabbed asset and trigger? 

Absolutely, the asset library supports the execution of any arbitrary command you create to assign behaviors to objects as they are added from the library.  This might even result in a UI appearing for the designer to use to further customize objects they just added to the area.


The /heglom and /heassociations commands are excellent examples of commands written to parse incoming object(s) added from the asset library.


If your needs require extremely complex setup, you may consider creating a spec system to act as the factory for your objects (much like the stateful object spec oracle supports creation of objects with complex states).


As far as the specifics go, I personally would tend to create an object that knows it needs to add an entity to spatial awareness to receive events as player entities approach to initiate the travel mechanics (a note here, you need to implement mechanics to insert the entity both on introduction from the asset library as well as area spinup and also need to be able to adjust the entity position if you adjust the gate during editing this can be done via the callbacks made in InstanceClassMethods to shared functions in any classes glommed onto the instance a.k.a model (gr2)).

A simpler design would utilize a trigger, I tend to use spatial awareness however to take advantage of its built in hysteresis capabilities.
Christopher Larsen