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Author Topic: Character portrait  (Read 908 times)


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Character portrait
« on: Oct 28, 14, 05:03:01 AM »

Hey guys, we want to get a character portrait onto the hotbar. We tried a virtual stage but its not easily modifiable for this purpose i think as it cant be given a transparent background and also has a performance hit.

We just want to get a sort of snapshot of the players current appearance and use this as a static portrait with a transparency so it doesnt cover the background of the hotbar section that its put in.

Something like this -


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Re: Character portrait
« Reply #1 on: Oct 28, 14, 06:39:59 AM »

I hate it that you cannot make a virtual stage background transparent. Here is me just throwing out ideas. You could make the whole GUIcontrol with a virtual stage slightly transparent. The idea is to have both characters face and background slightly transparent.

Otherwise i have no idea how to achieve what you want.