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Author Topic: [HELP] Need help with dynamic parts  (Read 1587 times)


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[HELP] Need help with dynamic parts
« on: Mar 01, 15, 08:46:47 PM »

Hi, so we've been trying to debug this strange occurrence with a few of our dynamic parts.
We're using Autodesk Maya btw

1. We have been able to successfully import a nude character model which animations and the parts have been broken up and animate without a problem. We also imported the hair mesh in and it appears to work and sit on the character just fine.. so we thought everything else should be fine.

2. However when we skin the clothes to the bones they animate and work fine in Maya. However when we import them in the engine they seem stuck in the pose that they have been imported from.

So we tested in a T-pose and this happens.

Ok.. sleeves are not suppose to do that. Also notice the socks

Then we tested on one of our running animations then this happens.

Again works fine in Maya so we figured the skinning is fine but then this happens

The shirt and pants appear to look fine however, they are only slightly off so when they animate they look like they are on the body properly but I don't think they are because the t-pose and the idle animation is similar in the mid-section area.

We've used the same process we used to import the character parts, which make up the nude character and it worked fine. And the only thing that seems to work is the hair. What are we missing? Help thanks

We checked the bone count
We deleted junk data in the files
We tested the animation in Maya works fine
We tried importing from another model pose and it still was weird
We made sure they are skinned to at least 2 bones
We made sure there is no extra data or things in the file when importing.
We tried deleting an reattaching the SRB node


Fixed... kind of but need an explaination or know if this is even a solution

Our idle animation is the default animation. So we re-exported the clothing from the idle animation pose instead of the T pose (or any of the other poses) and all the parts appear to work as intended and line up correctly. Even when overlapped like the jacket with a long sleeve shirt there is not clipping when the character animates and more. Nothing strange is occuring. So is this really a solution I would like to know what is going on before we export more things as such thanks.

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Re: [HELP] Need help with dynamic parts
« Reply #1 on: Mar 02, 15, 04:02:36 PM »

Hmmmmm, interesting.  What you described in your edit suggests a probable answer to me.  Good work with the screenshots and descriptions, btw.

In short, meshes need to be exported in the same pose as is contained in the skeleton file. If you export the character parts from a pose other than the pose contained in the skeleton file, you would see lots of terrible things happening.  In fact, you would see exactly the kind of distortions you were originally observing.  The convention is for the skeleton pose to be the t-pose, though it is not strictly necessary.

Based on your pictures, it looks like the skeleton file for the character is not in the t-pose, but was created with the first frame of the idle animation instead.  This is easy to check, just open the skeleton file for the character in the HeroEngine Viewer, which is located in the art pipeline folder. To see the skeleton in the viewer, click: Back to Main Menu > Skeletons  and then select "Joints" and "Bone Connections".  I would be willing to bet you'll see the skeleton in the idle pose, not the t-pose.

Let me know what you find!