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Author Topic: ART - Glowing and Transparancy on 1 object  (Read 1402 times)


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ART - Glowing and Transparancy on 1 object
« on: Mar 17, 15, 01:32:09 PM »

Ok guys. To make a glowing and transparent object with 1 material for things such as seethrough glass with some glowing pattern, a holographic display or a glowing transparent advert panel.

1 - Make diffuse with alpha channel.
2 - In alpha channel of diffuse, make whatever you want to be transparent have a colour ranging from almost black to almost white (See note 1).
3 - The lighter the grey alpha is, the brighter it will glow.
4 - Set up a Hero Material as usual. Select Gradient in Alpha Mode.
5 - For a bright object also tick Glow and No illumination in Shaders.

Even though you have not selected glow in Alpha Mode, the alpha channel will still pick up a glow from the shader selections. For a stronger glow you can make the alpha map closer to white than to black, but this will also affect the transparency.

Note 1: Transparency alpha colour - Black is fully transparent. White is Fully Opaque. So any greytone inbetween this will be good to go.

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