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Author Topic: Particle - Simple steam effect  (Read 1737 times)


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Particle - Simple steam effect
« on: Mar 31, 15, 09:13:29 PM »

A simple Steam/smoke effect particle.

1: Press Create>Particle>New Particle Spec>Local

2: Select a name and a smoke/steam style texture for your new particle

3: Once created, Press Create>Particle and add the new particle emitter that you just created to your area

4:  Select the new particle and open its properties. You will see 3 tabs. The 2 that you will play around with are the "particlename".Prt and the "particlename"_p.prt tabs.

5: First open the .prt tab. Most settings can be left as default for this particle.

>Emit Frequency: 0.1 - Increase or decrease to make more sprites spawn every second (0.1 make 10 sprites of your texture appear every second)
>Emitter Radius: (0.02,0,0.02) - Increase if you want a bigger area of effect for the particle to spawn within
>Within Radius: Leave at 0 - Increase if you want the effect to be spread out over a wide area
>Alpha Override: 0.3 - This will make your particle less visible. Increase or decrease as desired

6: Ok next open the _p.prt tab. Again most settings can be left as default.

>Source Blend: SRCALPHA
>Diffuse Colour:  #0.02,0.02,0.02,1
>Lifespan: 1
>Trajectory: (0,0.050000001,0) - Can play around with this to make it blow in different direction
>Buoyancy: 1.05 - Play around with this along with trajectory and lifespan to make the particle emit in different directions and speeds
>XScale 2D: 1
>YScale 2D: 1
>Texture Number: 15 - Can play with this to get a different look

This is a somewhat basic particle, but can be extended and played around with to get a desired look.

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