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Merri Schonback [Hacked out of the big thread]

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Hello everyone, I am Merrie Schonbach and live in Virginia. I am a 3D game artist and know enough scripting to get myself in trouble :)  I have been working with another game engine for quite some time so am fairly comfortable with what I see here. This is extremely exciting for me as it looks to be easier to work with if your wearing all the hats (at the moment.)

I look forward to the exchange of information here. (Yes I'm a middle-aged female I know my name can be somewhat confusing at times :)

Thank you Hero Team for putting out this great solution for the Indies. Much much appreciated!

Welcome to the club! I hope the engine and community is everything you hope it is :)

Thank you Big Dog...Im sure you have a name behind that really cool logo :)

I am extremely impressed with what you folks have done with this engine, if you have a bit of game engine experience you can pick this up fairly quickly, graphic quality is very nice, coding does not look too difficult (I have some coding friends that will pitch in and help).

Hello Merries Nice to meet you  :)


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