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Author Topic: quartz.d dom adding field to class feels wierd  (Read 1723 times)


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quartz.d dom adding field to class feels wierd
« on: May 06, 15, 12:03:34 PM »

This is just an usability issue for me, might not be that others share the same.

I have a lots of fields and every one of them begins with a MUD_ to distinguish them from clean/engine, or E_ fields. So in order to add a field to a class i first need to type quickly "MUD_" and than scroll through a huge list of fields to find the field that i am looking for.

In my opinion, a simple text input where you'd be able to copy/paste the field name would be a much better solution (or at least how it was before).  In practise you don't need to search for a field you want to add, because you already know it.

So, a common scenario would be 1. create field
2. copy field name
3. paste field name to textinput in class field list
4. save
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Re: quartz.d dom adding field to class feels wierd
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 15, 12:43:43 PM »

This should be changed to allow you to paste the field name in the next update

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