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Author Topic: [RESOLVED]-FMOD Studio - Possible Bug  (Read 769 times)


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[RESOLVED]-FMOD Studio - Possible Bug
« on: Jun 24, 15, 04:55:33 AM »

Okay, After messing about with the debug system I came across the problem...

Sounds were working okay in the FX spec editor just not otherwise, so.. I debugged the FX spec editor.

What I found was that the spec editor was returning the account node as target and caster, in HSL i was referenceing the Character instead (which has always worked for fx targeting myself).

So, referencing the account noderef in HSL as the caster/target works fine.

Not sure why it makes a difference between Fmod designer and Fmod studio in this regard unless it was just sloppy sound setup on my part on the old sounds that made them audible from a great distance or something.

Anyway, cancel the alarm.

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