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Author Topic: how i change actors models and classes ?  (Read 1650 times)


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how i change actors models and classes ?
« on: Jul 01, 15, 07:46:57 PM »

hi , ho i change actors models and classes ...


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Re: how i change actors models and classes ?
« Reply #1 on: Jul 01, 15, 08:31:02 PM »

That is a large topic.  I would suggest starting with the HeroWiki here:

If you have a more specific question, feel free to ask it.
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Re: how i change actors models and classes ?
« Reply #2 on: Jul 02, 15, 03:06:04 PM »

Yes, there are many parts for models that move around on screen, like the NPCs and player character models. The NPCs are a bit easier as they are a static model, while depending on how much you want to customize on your player models, it can get very time consuming creating a dynamic model made from different parts.
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Re: how i change actors models and classes ?
« Reply #3 on: Jul 02, 15, 03:46:21 PM »


Judging from the other questions you've posed, and this one, I thought I'd point out a few things which Might help you, or might not.

HEngine provides the tools to create a game, but there are only a few systems that are "pre-constructed" and even these aren't suitable for many games just as they are.

You'll need to create character models using 3dsMax, there aren't any provided.
The initial character model is a demo provided as an example, but isn't for our use as a game model.

You'll need to design and create (or buy) static models such as buildings and other npc models for your specific game needs (this also requires 3dsMax)

You'll need 3dsMax to "Export" your models into the HeroEngine format (.HGM) and then upload them to the repository for placement in your game.

You'll need to design and create your "class" system (such as warrior/cleric/bard etc) however you want it to be, and this is done through programming, using the HSL Script Editor to code it all.  HeroEngine refers to "Classes" as an object that holds Data (such as a database/table... can really be viewed as both... and much more) which does not refer to characer classes such as a standard MMORPG has.  These have to be created by your programmer(s) using the Script Editor.

You'll need to RE-design the Character Selection System to fit your game needs.
You'll need to RE-design the Character Creation System to add your own models to allow you to create players using those models.

Your GUI's such as the Login screen , have to be designed by your designers and created using either the XML editor OR the GUIEditor.  As pointed out in your other post, the Player Client provides a basic login screen and world selection screen, these would be re designed by your folks when needed.

Your initial main goal should be to design/create your game world using the Blade;
Design your game systems(such as quest systems, dialogue, chat and combat systems)
Design and create your Guild/Group/Raid/Housing/Abilities/Skills systems;
None of these are done for you, only the tools to do so are provided.

Some systems such as the Chat system are provided at a fundemental level, but even these have to be tailored to your game (such as creating a chat window if you need one etc)

Theres alot more that could be added, but these are all things that you'll need to design/create for your game before you should worry about how people should login etc.

Think the Game, create the game, then play the game =)

There is alot of information regarding all of this on the wiki.
Heres some links that Cooper has compiled that you might find useful:

The wiki can be overwhelming!  If you can't find something, just ask, odds are someone knows where to find the info you're looking for.

Here is a ton of information stating exactly what Hero Engine provides for you:

A quote from Cooper:
* We haven't really made any of the game for you, we have examples, and an extremely robust wiki, but the HeroEngine is an open book where you make all your own game systems and art. Yes you can make an FPS, yes you can have flying, yes you can have fast travel, yes you can make an asynchronous social game. The only things you'll have trouble making are games that simply are difficult to make work in an online environment, due to communication across the internet and player machine hardware. But with the template worlds, like the FPS template, you'll start with a large amount of game systems and examples already in place.

To make use of the resources found in the Example Games, You'll need to use the Script Editor to copy/paste and then redesign those systems and code to fit your game needs (if you need to use those systems)
Its often pointed out however that those games and their code are quite old, and best used for reference as to "how to do something" rather than used as they are.  The Graphic resources of those games aren't for use.
(but can be bought from HeroEngine as I understand)

FI-ScottZ  pointed out about the best place to start to creating your character models.  Follow that page and the links at the bottom to better understand how to create them and get them into the game.

Its a huge undertaking, but one worthy of "Completing".

That's my Chapter of the book anyway.