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Immediate: Get a newbie area up and working where everybody feels like they have an unfair advantage.

Eventually: All sorts of projects are on the back burner:

(Philosophy: ) Customer satisfaction is important. Wow factor gets attention, customer satisfaction keeps players coming back. Every player should feel valued. We want to advertise that there will always be free accounts, with a premium account option 'soon'. Contributors (artists/designers/scriptors/scenario planners etc) will be able to get premium accounts either for free or a very reduced rate. We're thinking we might eventually have two tiers of premium accts. Lifetime acct with enough bells and whistles to hold a decent base; and a higher premium account for players who really want to shine. (I'm thinking contributing designers could be developing super premium outfits that only super premium players could wear. Special weapons or spells would also be available only to super premium players ((or prize winners in various categories could be granted special stuff with spectacular effects in order to inspire customers to step up to the super premium accounts.))

Hard Core Gamers get their own areas.
Finesse role players get their own areas.
"Oblivia" is a city surrounded by clouds where residents not interested in gaming or role playing can hang out, out of character, and schmooze with their friends, ((like a good place for designers to show off their new outfits, weapons and stuff, where the combat routine would be 'virtual' ((("That move would have sliced Nickolai's head off and exploded everything for twenty meters around.")))...))

(Highly Customizable Characters) designers can sell new hair-do's, beards, tattoos, etc to other characters.

Extra Races: Humans, Elves, Half Elves, Dwarves ((Most Races would have their in game names, Dwarves wouldn't be called Dwarves); Cat people, Bear people, Fox people, Otter people, (More like humans with hybrid features, tails, claws; Otters can pick locks with their claws.) Faery types as healers and magick users. Faery magic is nuisance magic, Might replace somebody's face with a yellow smiley face sphere for several minutes of game play, might cast a puddle of knee deep molasses around everybody in a five to ten meter square for a couple minutes. Flyers, Lizard people, Insect Humanoid Hybrids, Metamorphs.

Non Obvious Classes/Occupations: Guild marks and religious markings would be available (tattoos or engravings: skulls and crossbones, doves, hammers, wheels etc.) but would not be enforced. Part of the role playing may be "guess the profession" of other players.

Um, this stuff goes through my head as I'm building areas and is down the road a bit. (I have more, but I better quit while I'm still awake.)


I really want to see us set up a co-operative repository to share stuff (with an agreement that if you make money using my routines/weapons/buildings/effects - you share the wealth, or something mutually agreeable.

---long winded, but thoughtful,


This is a link to a Survey Monkey Survey on What Customers Want (redone, I lost the password for the first version)

Survey Monkey tries to get everybody who answers to sign up for a free account, and they're tricky and hide their "Let People know how the voting is going" options etc.

But give this a shot:

& just in case nobody on your team has ever created a web page, say something in this topic and I'll tell you how easy that is.


Hey, just checked your survey out and gave it some answers. Like the direction you are heading. We too are really focusing on building this core sense of "RP" that seems to get left out of MMORPG's today. I grow so tired of going to a PVP zone to see either the Invincible Tank or the Glass Cannon "option" pretty much, everyone wearing the same outfits, spamming the same spells, and using the same weapons. Hope things work out for the best and we'll definitely keep an eye on this project.

Yeah nice survey! answered as best I could without knowing much of the backstory.  That's really a good idea to help decide where to focus.

With the name Oblivia do you think there's some potential trademark or copyright issues ?


To add in my two cents, I just wanted to say that in order to help any project run smoothly your producer / team lead / head developer should make sure you put together a Game Design Document (GDD). Now, you may be thinking "I know what I want to do with my game!" or perhaps "I write all our ideas down on paper!" but honestly, that is not enough. A GDD gives you a bit more structure, you write it up, add to it as you go, and basically treat it as a bible for game creation. Just writing out a GDD may get you going on ideas you didn't think of before... or perhaps didn't realize you needed to think of.

There are several different templates out there for creating a GDD. The downside is that most of them are based around single player games and not MMOs. However, I had found one here: that is a fantastic start to a nice MMO GDD. Just add in some extra sections, change it up for your game, and in no time you should have a document you can pull up and reference any time you get in a bind.


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