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Author Topic: Valion Online  (Read 2674 times)


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Valion Online
« on: Jun 30, 15, 07:23:32 PM »

Hello all,

     My name is Jason and I am a self employed business person with a lifetime unhealthy obsession with video games.  I grew up with Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy (the original) and much more.  I have enjoyed many types and genres of games over the years and was amazed with the idea of the first MMO game I played. . . Everquest.  This was the ideal style of game for me and I have been playing MMOs ever since. . . until a few months ago.
     Unfortunately MMOs have not changed much over the years.  You choose a class, kill lots of things, gather lots of stuff and maybe make some stuff that almost anyone can make.  At end game you do one of the three end game options. . . these are always PVP. . . and maybe a raid or dungeon option (or your choice of several).  In my opinion developers have forgotten what video games were. . . and should be about.  What is that you may ask?  Well, I believe that if you want to keep players interested you have to do only one thing. . . MAKE THE PLAYER FEEL IMPORTANT.
     There are a few games that do this, and these games are successful and growing.  Eve Online. . . whether you like it or not, can make the player feel important and special (or so I hear. . . I haven't actually played it).  My daughter plays minecraft and so do millions of people across the globe because they feel part of something that makes them feel important. 
     My goal is to bring this feeling of importance to a fantasy MMO.  Having played video games since the original Atari and running RPGs from D&D to Werewolf: The Apocolypse (yes, I know my nerd is showing), I think I have some exceptional ideas of how to make the player feel special and important, which is exactly what the player wants.
     And that is my goal, and the goal of my team of one with no programming or art creation experience (other than the Basic programming language from the 1980s).  I have been learning 3ds Max and getting familiar with Heroengine.  I know that I have the time, desire, resources, and intelligence to make the game that I think gamers want, so hopefully a few years from now I will be announcing beta testing for a new and different type of MMO.

     Thank you all for reading!  I will be bothering you all on the forums on a regular basis as I try to learn how to create a living world!


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Re: Valion Online
« Reply #1 on: Jul 05, 15, 11:06:28 AM »

Welcome to HE! I am pretty much the same as you in my goals. I went to college for 3D modeling and animation, but still figuring out programming. The guys and gals here are very helpful. Just remember to ask specific questions for help, not general questions. :)