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Author Topic: [Resolved] HGM2OBJ Crashing  (Read 1029 times)


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[Resolved] HGM2OBJ Crashing
« on: Sep 07, 15, 10:49:56 AM »

I am trying to troubleshoot my pipeline, and have discovered that I can't run HGM2OBJ without it crashing. I am not sure but I think these problems began when I upgraded to Windows 10. I have tried running this as Administrator but it still "Stops Working". Here is what the CMD window shows:

I:\HE\ArtPipeline\HGMToObj>REM ***Generate the objs***

I:\HE\ArtPipeline\HGMToObj>FOR %a in (*.hgm) DO hgm2obj "%a"

I:\HE\ArtPipeline\HGMToObj>hgm2obj "hum_fem_1.hgm"
HGM2Obj 0.1.0
=== Loading ===
File: "hum_fem_1.hgm" loaded.
=== Saving ===

I set permissions for the folder so it should work.

I got it to work with some files, so this is not a problem. :)
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