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Author Topic: In Blade Screenshots  (Read 1348 times)


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In Blade Screenshots
« on: Nov 02, 15, 08:22:42 PM »

This is something I knew could be used, but had not had luck with it in the past, but I've now got it working and thought I'd just toss it here in case others wanted to play around with it.

Calling the following from a button etc will create a Screenshot and save it to the repository
in the /GUI folder as "testss".png   you can also substitute png with dds and it works as well.
I do not know what the limitations are regarding size.  It took alot of failures before getting it to
work with these settings.  I cannot tell you any more than that, maybe someone else will.

Code: [Select]
var view = GetViewPortSize()
      origin as Class xy
      size as Class xy
      origin.x = 1
      origin.y = 2
      size.x = view.x
      size.y = view.y
      $CHAT._GotChatMessage( view.x + " : " + view.y, "Info" )
      path as String = "/GUI/TestSS"
      if SaveScreenshot(path, "png",origin, size)
        $CHAT._GotChatMessage( "Saved SS ", "Info" )

Also, I've noted that it does NOT seem to return true even when it does indeed save the screenshot.

Hope it helps someone.  I do not claim to know the details of how this one works...

Oh yeah, it includes anything on the screen, GUI controls etc, anything SHOWING when taken.
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