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--- Quote from: AWW_boss on Nov 04, 15, 01:27:48 PM ---From my experience the only thing you need is:

1. start coding ;)

--- End quote ---

Oh god....


--- Quote from: AWW_boss on Nov 04, 15, 01:27:48 PM ---From my experience the only thing you need is:

1. start coding ;)

--- End quote ---
This is how you play around with things, seeing what they can do. See if the engine is able to do some of the things your were wanting in your game. Though for a complete game, designs are needed.

So I have been doing some research to see if HeroEngine has made any improvements since I first used it, many years ago when it was free, with a 30% take of your business. Then they wanted to charge 100 a year, plus the 30%. Which is in no way a good deal, so I left. I now use Unity and wrote my own server/client. But I wanted to come back and see if you guys made improvements, think about using you again, but not at the rate you ask, that is a rip off and all who know business, knows I am correct. But doesn't matter cause it looks to me as though this is in a stand still. What improvements have been made? Is there a better UI system? from what I see it is still the same annoying UI system as it was years ago. Does it have better support for importing models? Nope, looks to be the same there as well. Dose it have a better system for doing your own scripts? Nope, that looks to be the same as well. Are there any new tutorials? Nope, all tutorials are 7-8 years old, even on youtube. So what have you guys been doing? What REAL improvements have been made? Are there complete new tutorials, features that you guys have not mentioned? These are things that need answered before Sefron Games even thinks about Hero again. So far it looks as if it is still the rip off it use to be. Can anyone answer these questions and point me to the direction of the info to show me there is worth while improvements made?

Hello Ronbon,
    Thanks for your interest again and taking a look at the front side of HeroEngine. I will let users report what they see, and those on current live can report some of the changes and improvements we have made, as well as what they see coming ahead.

    When i talk to those interested in HeroEngine i try to make sure what type of project they want to make or learn. If it is a single player or simple multi player game or project, I tend to refer them to another engine, if it is a persistent world for a large scale multi player or an MMO, I will explain more about HeroEngine and what it has to offer then let them ask questions and make the choice they wish.

I believe in the right tool for the right job. :)

Regarding Pricing:
    For the pricing, you had mentioned you use Unity in several of your projects. Do note that $99 a year for two seats/developers (or any subscription package) includes the following:

* Full hosting and sever costs
* Unlimited storage
* Unlimited bandwidth
* Real time collaboration (not in any other engine)
* Customized Repository (Clint side customized FTP) with no setup on users end
* Built in art-pipeline (which you can customize)
* SpeedTree tools for all seats
* Granny3d
* Granny Animation
* and much more
For the revenue once your game starts making money covers the following:

* Pesonalized assistance and support for your games servers*
* Full Hosting costs on Elastic game servers (**up to your 30% revenue costs)
* Unlimited storage
* Worry Free bandwidth and traffic costs
* Custom built Client tools including Client builds (game exe)
* Custom support for when going into Alpha, Beta and Live
* Option to move to Binary or Source (at lower or no royalty costs)
* Option to buy out royalties* Once you move to Beta, your game will be exported to a personalized server. Where you will have your Dev server, Test/Staging server and Live server(s).
**We do have a 90 day grace period to help you and us bring down costs - most of the time this turns out to be fairly simple to fix. So we do offer that full support for any games that are entering into beta throughout their post launch process as well.

I am not sure if you can pay for just servers or even a single Speedtree subscription at this cost. I have looked at and do watch the subscription prices for Unity, and when you go beyond the Personal with many limitations, including users and revenue limitations, the first starts at $25 a month ($300 a year) per seat/developer.

I am not sure if they offer any of the above yet or not. I know you can opt in for team tools at a cost including storage and limited git/p4/svn integration at a cost.

We also provide support and assistance on top of the above from live support in Discord to personalized support.

Always Open to Ideas:
I am always welcome in ways we can improve our services and how we can best fit the communities needs. This is a discussion we actually do have often from both Hero clients and non Hero clients in discord. I have gotten a lot of good ideas from the community for the up coming HE3.

So i ask you;
 What can we do to make the pricing better in your mind?

Best regards,

Sarr makes a good point. The engine had a free promotional aspect many years ago. And one could argue why pay for something later on when you just expect it to be free forever?

But how are the makers of Hero Engine making money off of 100 per two seats for a year? How even? It's not for the uninitiated. It isn't a game. It is a tool for making games.

To play an MMO you pay out $15 a month and at 12 months for a year you're talking $180. This is assuming there's just one vanilla client everyone uses at once. But if we considered the price for TWO people to use the game? That's an additional $180. 

This concept is great. A monthly sub for the engine wouldn't make sense because it takes a person a lot longer than just a month to learn the many aspects of the engine.

Not pointing fingers, but in a business stance, Idea Fabrik must be losing cash on the deal. So it makes sense they have a relationship with Autodesk for their licensing deal for the softwares of "3DS Max" and "Maya." IF every user of HE also subscribed to Autodesk, then both companies have a fine symbiotic relationship.


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